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As you are going to see the movie next week, here you can read reviews for Elephant:

negative review on bbc / reviews / film review in class


Your new work is to write a film review: Write a film review about either a film you watched recently or your favourite movie. It can be either a film you liked or one you hated. Make sure you give information about the film (actors, date of release, story…) and your opinion as a spectator.

You must use words about movies seen in class as well as structures (still, past-perfect, passif, probabilité…)


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You can watch again the 6 trailers. Just click on the picture.

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Click on the elephant to read the parable again.

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Gus Van Sant

Click on Gus Van Sant’s picture to get information about his life and work.

Click on his latest movie’s poster to find more.

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